Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Should You Consider When Deciding on What GCSE's to Take?

Having to decide what GCSE's to take can be daunting and feel like a huge and very important decision to make but there are ways to make this decision seem less overwhelming and more exciting as students gain more freedom in what they are studying and will be able to get a better idea of what they want to do in the future once they leave school.
· Schools will give students plenty of information on the GCSE subjects available and what each subject will entail over the two years of study leading up to the GCSE examinations.
· Schools should also have open evenings in which teachers from the subjects are available to talk to about what the course is like and it's a great opportunity to ask any personal questions you may have about the teaching style of the subject and what you will be doing over the next two years of study.
· It is always worth asking how a subject is marked and assessed! If you are a student who thrives on coursework and feels more comfortable completing assignments in your own time which then add up to a percentage of your final mark it may be worth while looking at subjects that have a high coursework percentage. Others find it difficult to motivate themselves, for coursework and find they achieve more when they sit a final exam and the result of that is their achievement of the course.
· It sounds obvious but choose subjects that you enjoy! It's important to listen to the advice of your parentr and teachers in what are the best options for your future, but remember that the decision is yours! You are doing the work and sitting the exam so it's important you enjoy the subject as much as possible! You are far more likely to achieve high results if you are actually interested and enjoy what you are learning about at school!
· Thinking of the future can be daunting and it can seem like leaving school is a long way away, but choosing your GCSE options is actually the first step into thinking about what you want to do in the future. If you do have some kind of idea of what you want to do and be in the future then choose subjects that will allow you to continue in the field you are interested in.
· Don't be swayed by what your friends are doing or what are considered 'cool' subjects because you may well regret this if your choices limit you in what you decide to continue with after you sit your GCSE's!
· The most important thing to remember is that what GCSE's you take wont dictate to you what you can and cant then do in the future. Students are young when they make these decisions and no doors will be closed to you! It is the first time students gain a little more freedom in what they are doing in school, but there are still limitations in place to ensure that all students take Math's, English and science as well as in some cases a foreign language and at least one humanities subject. This is to ensure students are still getting a broad education, though they can drop certain subjects they may hate and have had no interest in throughout their previous school education.
· Asking your teacher or tutor on how they think you will handle certain subjects is also a good idea, as they are in a position to give you honest advice and give you the extra help in something if you need it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Best Methods For Removing Whiteboard Marker

These days, most workplaces and classrooms have been fitted with at least one whiteboard that can be used for brainstorming idea, outlining projects and teaching new skills. One of the hazards associated with these boards, however, is that their accompanying markers are known to stain almost any surface that they touch. Fortunately, there are a number of methods that you can use to remove whiteboard marker effortlessly.
  • Antibacterial Hand Gel: This method is most effective on metal surfaces, such as computer monitors and whiteboards themselves. Simply apply the gel to a damp cloth and use it to rub at the stain in a circular motion; the alcohol in the gel should remove the ink without causing any damage to the surface.

  • Hairspray: This method can be used on fabric surfaces and even your walls. Spray some generic hairspray directly onto the whiteboard marker and use a wet cloth to scrub them away. You may need to reapply to ensure that the ink has been completely removed. Once you're finished, use another wet cloth to rinse the surface.

  • Nail Polish Remover: This method tends to be most effective on fabric, such as clothing and carpet. Apply enough nail polish remover to the whiteboard marker stain so that it has been completely saturated. Cover the area with cling wrap and leave for 20 minutes before blotting at the stain until it has disappeared.

  • Rubbing Alcohol: This method is effective on metal and fabric surfaces, including your clothing. Simply apply a small amount to a clean cloth and use it to blot at the whiteboard marker, working from the outside in to keep it from spreading. Once you're finished, wash the item of clothing as per usual.

  • Vinegar Solution: This method is also fairly effective on metal surfaces, such as your computer and mobile phone. Mix together a solution that comprises 50% warm water and 50% white vinegar; dip a cloth into it, then use it to rub at the affected area using a circular motion. After a few minutes, the ink should disappear.
If you have managed to get whiteboard marker on a surface that was never meant to be drawn on, it is likely that you are frantically looking for ways that you can remove it without damaging the object in question. Luckily for you, one of the above methods should be effective in completely removing the stain. If one was unsuccessful, do not be wary of trying another method out until you find one that works.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reasons to Go to Beauty School

If you have a love for cosmetology and enjoy doing hair and makeup, you should go to beauty school. Even if you feel that you are an extremely proficient stylist, the best way to improve your potential is to get an education and your license. With so many people putting emphasis on keeping up their appearance and the rapidly increasing interest in fashion, weaves and other aspects of cosmetology, you can't afford to be left in the dark. If you want to increase your employment opportunities and financial standings, getting a beauty school education is the best way to go.
One of the reasons you need to be professionally educated is to protect yourself. Even though you may know exactly what you are doing, the field of cosmetology is just like cosmetic surgery. You can do some of your best work, but if your client is not happy or they do something that affects the outcome of whatever service you performed for them, you could find yourself in court being sued and discredited. You can't afford for a bad situation to be ignored or get out of hand. If you aren't licensed and haven't been to beauty school, chances are you will lose your case and a great deal of your clients as well. However if you had gone to beauty school, completed your studies and received your license, when it comes time to go to court, you can back up your defense and know that your testimony will help you prevail in this type of situation. Having the right credentials can actually increase how much business you do. Nowadays, people are becoming more skittish about having anyone who is not educated, trained and properly credentialed to perform any services for them. This means that in order for you to be a successful beautician, stylist, makeup artist, etc., you need to have your stuff together.
If you are someone who just happens to have a natural talent for cosmetology and are already self-trained, going to a facility where you can be formally trained does still hold some additional benefits for you. You can learn the latest techniques and sharpen your skills. Besides increasing your marketability, you are also increasing your value as a beautician. Being educated and licensed makes it easier for you to find employment. It makes it easier if you decide to venture out on your own and start your own business. It makes it easier for you to gain the trust and loyalty of new clientele. It increases the amount of opportunities you have available at your fingertips.
Keep in mind that beauty school is very affordable and many offer very flexible scheduling if you have other obligations. Many of them are accredited so you can apply for and receive financial aid to help pay for the valuable education and training you will be receiving. Take the time to get your education in cosmetology and take advantage of the opportunities that open up for you.